WSOF 20: Melvin Guillard removed from card

Melvin Guillard has been removed from the WSOF 20 card just four days before the action, as first reported by MMAjunkie. He will be replaced in his former co-main event fight against Ozzy Dugulubgov by Lucas Montoya, who gets called up from a preliminary fight. The Nick Newell/Joe Condon fight has been promoted to the co-main event slot as a result of the shift.

In a statement released to, President Rey Sefo had this to say about Guillard:

But it’s Monday, four days away from the fight, and we don’t have his medicals, nor have we heard from him. He has not responded to any of requests from our PR team to help promote the show, and we alerted his management team that if we did not receive his medicals by 10 a.m. today, we would have no choice but to pull him from the card, and unfortunately, that’s what we’ve been forced to do.”

It’s unknown the cause or nature of Guillard’s absense. However, he did express discontent with the organization in a recent interview with Submission Radio (via Bloody Elbow).

“Al Abdul Aziz kind of reneged on some of his promises and it’s funny, they never answer their phone when I need to talk to them, but yet when they want me to do interviews and they want something from me, they want to try and force me to do it. So there’s a lot of things in the company that I’m not happy about, and I’m the type of person [that] I’m always going to speak my mind, and there’s already other places that want to sign me. So I’m gonna go in this fight next week, I’m going to fight my ass off.

 He also expressed dislike for the outcome of his previous fight, a split-decison catchweight loss against Champion Justin Gaethje. Guillard told Submission Radio,”I mean to be honest I still think I won that fight, but when you miss you weight and you don’t finish the champion, of course it can go in his favour. The only thing I did wrong was not finish.”

Guillard went on to say he really didn’t want to be the WSOF’s champion, preferring to go back to the UFC than be the WSOF’s champ.” If I had the option to be the World Series champion right now, or go back to the UFC to finish off my career with the UFC, whether I get a title shot or not, I would take that UFC contract over a World Series [contract] any day.”

Wow. Guillard has never been the brightest of characters but this is a new level of stupidity. There’s a number of things wrong with the actions and statements of the former Ultimate Fighter 2 veteran. 

1). If Guillard is doing this because of his organization troubles….While the discontent with the organization could cause rifts in future contract talks, Guillard is contracted for one more fight with the WSOF. He either fights for them or not at all.

Just because he doesn’t show up for the fight doesn’t mean the contract gets voided; it just keeps going. There’s no benefit for a fighter who is 3-6-1 in his last 10 fights to not fighting. All it does, even if he could only put a meager effort against Dugulugov, is further cement his status as an organizational headache. 

2). There’s no going back to being a top-10 Lightweight: Either Guillard is very optimistic or he’s vastly overrating his talent. At this point, Guillard isn’t a top-10 lightweight. Or a top-20. Or maybe even a top-30. I had to scroll way down the UFC’s list of 112 lightweight fighters before I found a guy Guillard could beat. 

If he were to compete against guys at his talent level at this point in his career , he’d be going up against the bottom feeders of the UFC. The price he would command, due to his past success, wouldn’t be worth it. And then he’d be unhappy. But Guilliard is always unhappy, a permanent malcontent. 

3). His fight against Gaethje wasn’t that close: Yes, it was a split-decison. It shouldn’t have been though due to it really not being that close. Gaethje was slow and methodical, never even working a sweat due to him not fearing Guillard’s power at all. He feared Louis Palomino’s hands so he pushed the pace. Against Guillard though, he was content just to keep him against the fence.

That might have also stemmed from Gaethje looking tired and lethargic, his worst showing in the WSOF. Guillard looked just old, barely evading Gaethje’s slowest shots.  That’s not an anomaly  with his recent fights though. He looks ready for retirement and, at this point, I think the fans are ready for him to retire.

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Pressley Nietering

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