Why the Los Angeles Clippers are the ‘Kings of the West’

The Los Angeles Clippers made a splash in the 2013 NBA offseason.

This is the new-look Clippers, legitimized.

There are only three reasons why the Clippers are one of the teams that will headline the upcoming season.

The first is Chris Paul.

Paul resigned to “Lob City” for five years, $107 million. The small risk with this deal is the health of the star point guard. In Paul’s nine NBA seasons, he’s yet to play a full 82-game schedule. Of course, Paul’s skill set and leadership does not require him to be on the court, but it is a flag to be raised. In the deal, Paul can opt out after the fourth season.

To back him up, the Clippers signed point guard, Darren Collison for the bench.

The second, and arguably most important reason, is the “trade” of coach Doc Rivers.

Rivers has three years left in his deal with the Boston Celtics. He will play out those years as a Clipper. In turn, the Clippers sent their 2015 first-round unprotected pick as compensation.

Rivers is the most important piece because he may be that leader the Clippers desperately needed. He’s a true player’s coach and a great playmaker. His success in Boston green is evidence alone (balancing the ball between Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett‘s egos). Coupled with Paul, this duo may be the one force the Clippers need to be a contender for sure.

The last reason was the actually “free agency.”

They actually got players and skills the team needed. Is this still a Donald Sterling team?

Team needs: shot-makers, athletic wings, and big men.

What the team got: J.J. Redick (four years, $28 million), Jared Dudley, and Byron Mullens.

Redick fulfills both the wing and the shot-maker in strides, Dudley is the athletic wing with room the grow. and Mullens is the big man that can shoot.

The Clippers are ready with a fully loaded team and bench that may very well be the best in the Western Conference.

Photo Credit: Howard Smith/USA TODAY Sports

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Timothy Lee

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