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Warriors stay quiet at the trade deadline

For those NBA die-hards that get an adrenaline rush from seeing team rosters undergo massive overhauls, today was an incredibly exciting day. It was one of the more hectic trade deadlines in recent memory, with a plethora of teams making transactions in the final hours leading up to the deadline. All it took was a few hours to uproot the landscape of the entire NBA.

But as the deadline drew nearer and nearer, the Golden State Warriors remained silent. The deadline passed, but the Warriors’ roster was still the same. Owners of the league’s best record on the season, the Warriors have earned the faith of the management, who have every reason to believe that the current iteration of the roster has as good a chance as any other team in the league to win the title.

The only news on the day for the Warriors has been their signing of James Michael McAdoo, who played limited minutes earlier in the season before being reassigned to their D-League affiliate, for the remainder of the season. It’s fairly unlikely the McAdoo will have much of an impact for the team, given that he’ll be fighting for minutes with the likes of Justin Holiday, Andre Iguodala, and Leandro Barbosa on the bench, but the Warriors will hope to see the athleticism and defense that they witnessed from him as a member of their Summer League squad.

The Warriors’ inaction doesn’t mean their team is without its flaws. Arguably the biggest need for the Warriors roster-wise this season has been size on the bench, particularly at the center position. The Warriors are able to succeed with smaller lineups against most teams because of their spacing and consistent outside shooting. But, against a team like the Memphis Grizzlies that can dominate the paint area with its depth of big men, the Warriors’ deficiencies are exposed.

The pool of backup centers available for cheap is sparse, and its unsurprising that the Warriors didn’t pursue any trades. But, a Western Conference Finals matchup against the Grizzlies is a very plausible scenario , so it’s hard to ignore this issue. All Warriors fans can do now is hope for a full recovery from Festus Ezeli and a well-rested Andrew Bogut in the playoffs, so they can get consistent minutes out of him. 

Even with only one true center, the Warriors are still as formidable a team as any. A pair of 40 point nights from Stephen Curry along with a couple of scoring outbursts from Klay Thompson and the Warriors can snatch a series away from any team.

42-9 speaks for itself.

Photo Credit: Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press

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