UCLA to replace waterlogged court at Pauley Pavilion

The historic floor at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion will be replaced after 20 million gallons of water flooded the facility when a century-old pipe burst nearby, according to ESPN.com.

The official word came via athletic director Dan Guerrero, who said that no regular-season basketball games will be affected. There was speculation that there would be an attempt to save the recently replaced floor, but it was unsalvageable. 

The court, which bears coaching legend John Wooden’s name, was replaced just two years ago as part of a $136 million upgrade. According to Guerrero, the floor itself is worth approximately $500,000. 

In addition to causing problems with respect to the athletic facility, the surrounding areas were affected. School officials had to move quickly to remove cars from nearby parking structures, many of which were submerged and had to be towed away from the area. Some owners who were unaffected were given access to their vehicles. 

In total, six athletic facilities received damage from the pipe that burst on nearby Sunset Boulevard. The J.D. Morgan Center and John Wooden Center will each receive new flooring in addition to Pauley Pavilion. 

Photo Credit: Alton / Wikimedia Commons

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Michael C. Jones is the managing editor and founder of Sports Out West and a Southern California-based sports journalist. His credits include Yahoo Sports and Bleacher Report, among others.


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