Top five most unstoppable NBA players revealed, according to Los Angeles Times

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Who are the most unstoppable players in the NBA?

A recent Los Angeles Times poll asked more than two dozen players, assistants, and coaches whom they thought was the hardest NBA player to defend. The results of the anonymous survey varied, but the top five results in the poll were really no surprise. The list includes some of the most notable offensive players in the NBA.

Reigning MVP Steph Curry topped the list for his ability to handle the ball and pull-up jump shots from anywhere on the floor. It is no surprise the Golden State Warrior topped the list as many say he improved from last season’s MVP season.

Oklahoma City Thunder list two of the top three most unstoppable players. Subjects polled told about Kevin Durant‘s length and Russell Westbrook‘s speed, respectably, as reasons why both are difficult to guard.

Houston Guard James Harden also made the list for his ability to get fouled.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James also made the list for his history of beating defenders. Although James’ athleticism continues declining, defenders still struggle guarding him, according to the survey.

Here are the results and highlights of the anonymous poll, according to the Los Angeles Times:

1. Guard Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors

“He hits 35-foot three-pointers with people draped all over him. And he has elevated his game from last season, when he was MVP,” one coach said.

2. Forward Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

“You can’t foul him. He can post up now. He can bring the ball up and cross you over, dunk on you and he can shoot it from 30 feet.” A NBA veteran said about guarding Durant.

3. Guard Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

“The way they allow him to play there’s no structure or order.… That makes him very uncomfortable to guard. He can come running full-speed at you every play.” A coach in the Eastern Conference said.

4. Guard James Harden, Houston Rockets

“He can shoot, he can finish and you can’t touch him, you can’t breathe on him,” a guard in the West said. “He’s almost unguardable if the refs call it the way they call it.”

5. Forward Lebron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

“With LeBron, make him a jump shooter, and that will give you a small chance,” an Eastern Conference forward said. “Still, he gives me hell no matter what I do against him on defense.”

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