The Clippers fall and the rest of the NBA Playoffs

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This writer can admit when he’s wrong.

I had dreams of a Los Angeles Clippers and Chicago Bulls NBA Finals. They were full of Benny the Bull flipping and pumping up the crowd as he does, Blake Griffin playing point guard as he was in the entire playoffs, Chris Paul‘s scowls, and the roar of Los Angeles when the Clippers won.

Yes, I wanted the Clippers to emerge from the NBA season as the best of the best. With a championship, all talks of the “Clippers’ curse” would vanish, memories of former ownership would temporarily be forgotten, and Ralph Lawler would take his spot as “World’s happiest man.” But, those are just dreams.

The reality is that the Clippers blew up. Imploded. A 3-1 series lead, the announcement that they were the NBA’s favorite to win the entire thing, and a 19-point lead at home in game 6. Then Josh Smith happened, shots kept falling, and the Clippers missed everything. 19 to 10 and then down by 10. It was brutal. For Clippers’ fans, it was more of the same for a franchise that’s been littered with awful circumstances. But, “should have” is just that.

Instead, NBA fans will be treated to an entire Eastern Conference Finals of isolation LeBron James and constant talk of how he’s the deadliest in the world with a basketball. They will watch an Atlanta Hawks team that played such beautiful ball in the regular season crumble on unfamiliar grounds.

On the Western Conference side, it may be a blowout. The Golden State Warriors are easily the favorites to advance. All that stands in the way is a Houston Rockets squad that refuses to play defense. Give credit where it’s due: the Rockets did make it to the Western Conference Finals. That’s quite a feat.

Here’s a quick rundown for the Western side of things. The Warriors have more weapons than the Clippers, they have the MVP, and rely on scoring in transition and possess some of the best outside shooting of any team. The Rockets cannot guard point guards without Patrick Beverley and now they get Stephen Curry. Good luck.

So, look for a Cleveland and Golden State finals. It should be a dozy.

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Timothy Lee

Timothy Lee is a sports and video game journalist born and raised in Southern California. He is great at finding the important detail in the mundane and ordinary. He has published articles for Riot Games,,,, and SBNation.


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