Team USA’s dominating FIBA run

Team USA won by 37 points to take the FIBA Basketball World Cup final over Serbia.

It was an underwhelming and disappointing finals to a dominating run by the USA. However, Serbia’s bid to the finals was a surprising one, to say the least.

It wasn’t France and Spain, but Serbia. In a tournament full of underdogs, Serbia made sense. From group stages (South Korea, Philippines, and Mexico) to the finals, there were plenty of noise made from underdogs. Serbia was the biggest of them all. They moved past the perennial threat in Spain and the Nicolas Batum‘s French squad to get blown out by the juggernaut of the tournament.

But, the tournament had its moments. From Lithuania’s great run through the tournament despite so many injuries and declines to the beautiful offensive style, and ode to San Antonio Spurs, of South Korea. There was brotherly connections like the Gasol brothers and the Dragic’ made the tournament a little more of a family experience. And, the Philippines won its first game since 1974.

The unfortunate truth was that the USA run was uncontested for the vast majority of the tournament. Aside from a half or two of bad basketball, it was the Anthony Davis show. The potential of the tournament outweighed the great moments and the score of the finals was the perfect example of it.

Instead of a matchup that would pit DeMarcus Cousins and Davis against the Gasols’, it was a 37 point blowout. Even the missed opportunity of a French finals, with a ridiculously hot Batum, was denied. But, all the credit to the hot Serbian team and the run it went on. And lastly, a great tournament win for a work-in-progress Team USA. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time a star-studded team is formed for the red, white, and blue.


Photo Credit: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

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Timothy Lee

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