Should the Los Angeles Rams trade Nick Foles?

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Should the Los Angeles Rams explore trading Nick Foles after acquiring him only a season ago?

A year ago, the Rams made their biggest offseason move by trading Sam Bradford to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Nick Foles.

Foles signed a contract extension with the the St. Louis Rams before playing a game with the team. Now, his future with the Los Angeles Rams is uncertain as the Rams could trade Foles only a year after acquiring him.

Eventually, Foles lost his starting position to Case Keenum in 2016. Head coach Jeff Fisher recently said Keenum is the starter despite his status as an upcoming restricted free agent.

Keenum threw only four touchdowns and one interception last year. His career 5-10 record as a starter does not exactly scream franchise quarterback.

Moving forward, Fisher said Foles will also have an opportunity to compete for the starting quarterback position. Still, Fisher and general manager Les Snead did not rule out the possibility of adding more competition at the position via the draft or free agency, according to ESPN.

Unfortunately, the open market does not have many quarterbacks better than Foles. Free agency features the Rams former signal-caller Bradford, journeyman quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, a possibly retired Peyton Manning or Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins – who is unlikely to hit the open market.

Bradford played his best season in 2015, but it is unlikely the Rams explore a reunion with him. Fitzpatrick and Cousins also played their best seasons, so their current teams should compensate them well.

The Rams could add a quarterback at No. 15 in the NFL Draft. Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook and Carson Wentz are three of the four top quarterbacks in the draft. All three need extensive development before they are starting NFL quarterbacks. That means Foles or Keenum would compete for a role as the bridge until said rookie is ready to start full-time.

If the Rams cut the 27-year-old Foles outright then they face more than a $8 million cap hit depending on the timing. It makes more sense that the Rams trade Foles to avoid a cap hit and find a capable replacement. 

Insert the Eagles as a potential trade suitor with the Rams.

Foles threw for 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions as recently as 2013 with the Eagles. Therefore, a reunion could make sense for Foles and the Eagles.

However, Foles finished 2015 with more interceptions than touchdowns and completed only 54 percent of his passes. It is unlikely the Rams would get the same trade value which they paid for Foles a year ago.

The Rams might settle for exchanging Foles for a late-round draft pick. Yet Foles brings 35 games starting experience to the Rams. The Rams know he can start in the league and that is more than anyone can say about a late-round draft pick.

Otherwise, the Rams could exchange Foles for another exiled starting quarterback like the San Francisco 49ers quarter Colin Kaepernick or Washington football team quarterback Robert Griffin III. Both players lost their starting gigs last year, and they seem headed for an imminent divorce with their current teams. EIther would be a big name for the Rams in their new Los Angeles home.

Then again Kaepernick or Griffin would be a gamble for the Rams as both play inconsistently. Ultimately, it makes more sense for the Rams to keep Foles’ starting experience at least as a backup quarterback.

Either as a backup or starter, Foles is a game-manager quarterback that makes sense for the Rams quarterback. At the very least, keeping Foles makes more sense than any of the Rams other options at quarterback.



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