Seattle Seahawks Controversial Win: Replacement Officials’ Blown Call Could Reshape NFC West

Nearly every NFL fan has seen what took place during the Monday Night Football game when the Seattle Seahawks “defeated” the Green Bay Packers, 14-12 on a last-second call gone terribly wrong at The Link. 

Oh Mike Carey, how we miss you so!

The bottom line is this: The replacement officials have negatively impacted the outcome of an important, nationally televised game. What’s worse is that one horrendous call could end up affecting the entire landscape of the NFC West. The San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals and Seahawks each have winning records and figure to be entrenched in a battle for the division title come December.

Should one of the other teams narrowly miss the postseason in favor of the Seahawks, it could put a black mark on the season the likes of which are unprecedented. The NFL is likely to come out with a statement backing its officials, but the reality of the situation is that everyone knows that this outcome stinks. Even fans in the Emerald City have to acknowledge that their team  stole a victory in the worst way. 

It’s bad enough that a game was decided on such poor judgment, but even worse that one or two teams’ seasons could be decided in that respect. Around the league, many NFL players share the same sentiment and have expressed such via social media. There is no excuse for the NFL and its owners to have allowed its stellar product to be dragged through the mud in this fashion. 

Fans of NFC West teams not named the Seahawks will have a legitimate gripe with the league when it’s all said and done, because in the end, it will likely be their favorite team that misses out on a chance at an illustrious NFL title because of the league’s unwillingness to settle a dispute with officials who probably deserve more than what they are asking for. 

Greed is an ugly thing, and it will only get uglier if the NFL continues to sit and watch chaos ensue around it. 

Just in case you missed it, here’s what all of the hoopla is about: 



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