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Sharks voted best (jersey) of all time

This year the San Jose Sharks are celebrating their 25th anniversary, and with those 24 previous seasons, they’ve built a reputation as postseason underachievers, having never won a Stanley Cup – or even made a Cup Final – despite regularly skating one of the better teams in the league.

While this season may yet see a Stanley Cup parade in downtown San Jose, the Sharks are already celebrating a new milestone. This month, The Hockey News has named the Sharks as the best of all time.

Uh, the best jersey of all time, that is.

Local artist Terry Smith designed the Sharks’ original sweater, which was worn from 1991 through 1998. As reported on the Sharks’ web site, the October 16 issue of The Hockey News writes:

“Though the logo has been altered in recent years, the original shark crest was perfect. San Jose may not have popularized the use of a triangle as background, but the way the shark is springing out is fantastic. The teal blue is definitely bold, and San Jose owns that color (red, on the other hand, could make you think of Chicago, Montreal or Detroit). The secondary logo, a cutting fin on the shoulder, is also an amazing mark. This jersey could have been used for decades and no one would call it out for being dated. Simply put, it’s flawless. The stripes aren’t busy and, in an era where garishness took over, the Sharks kept it classy.”

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During this 25th anniversary season, the Sharks will periodically wear another Smith-designed sweater. The Sharks’ new “Heritage Jersey” sports a slightly modernized Sharks logo and incorporates the Sharks’ current tone of teal. It will be worn on select dates this season.

“As we celebrate 25 years of Sharks hockey, it is extremely gratifying to see a prominent publication like The Hockey News recognize the tradition and pride that our franchise and fans feel for our team,” said Sharks Chief Operating Officer John Tortora on the Sharks’ web site. “This honor also speaks volumes about the organization’s rich history and the players who have donned the Sharks jersey.”

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