NHL Lockout Update: Work Stoppage Indicates Disturbing Trend In Professional Sports

The NHL has officially cancelled all games through the end of the November.

It is now certain that there will not be a complete season of professional hockey this year. The NHL’s last offer to the NHLPA was a 50-50 revenue split which the players refused. Now that the players are signing contracts overseas, it is looking very dismal for the league.

The bottom line is that both sides seem far away from reaching any sort of deal in the near future, and it looks like another long lockout for the NHL. If there is no season, it will be the first time in American history that a professional sports league has had two full season lockouts in the same decade. It is sad to think that millionaires can’t agree on how split up money when the latest deal would only affect about 6% of all the revenue. The average hockey fan must agree that the deal offered was fair and it is the NHLPA’s fault for there being no deal.

However, there is a bigger picture here.

There is now cause for concern that when any player-owner deals expire, a lockout will most certainly occur in not only the NHL but also any American professional sports league. Most recently, the NBA and the NFL have had lockouts that luckily ended early enough to have a season; however, the NHL and NHLPA are not even talking at this point. There has been at least one lockout in the NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL in the last 22 years. This is by far the most embarrassing statistic in all sports. The question now remains: When will the lockouts stop?


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Maxim Garshman

Maxim Garshman is a Bay Area native who now calls San Diego home. He has an expert voice on all things NHL and NFL, and currently works as the Chargers beat writer for Sports Out West.


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