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NHL Lockout ends: Sharks open vs. Calgary Flames

With the NHL Lockout appearing to come to an end, the San Jose Sharks would open their season on Jan. 15 against the Calgary Flames.

The NHL and NHLPA have reached a tentative agreement to end the lockout, and a deal could be finalized as soon as Tuesday. This comes after more than half the season was cancelled.  The Sharks are back again. There have been many meetings and fall-outs, but now there is a glimpse of hope. The NHL and NHLPA have until as early as Tuesday to accept the deal and we could be seeing hockey as early as Jan. 15. This is unbelievable news as both sides were far apart for a majority of the meetings. It was just up until about ten days ago the NHL and NHLPA met again and talks seemed to finally gain ground.

The NHL avoids being locked out twice in the last ten years for a full season. The league has been the laughing stock of professional sports for the last few months, and now it is time for change.

The NHL is back, hopefully not leaving anytime soon.

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Maxim Garshman

Maxim Garshman is a Bay Area native who now calls San Diego home. He has an expert voice on all things NHL and NFL, and currently works as the Chargers beat writer for Sports Out West.


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