NFL Offseason 2015: Michael Crabtree a bad fit for Raiders

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Michael Crabtree has found out the hard way that his value is not what he thought.  The free agent market has now slowed to a crawl and Crabtree is still without a team.  According to, Crabtree was scheduled to meet with the Oakland Raiders on Monday. 

While the Raiders have a need at receiver and plenty of cap room, Crabtree should not be a guy on their radar. 

No one is arguing the fact that Crabtree is talented.  The problem is he thinks he is a No.1 receiver and carries himself like a diva.  To be fair, on some level, all receivers are divas.  The problem is a young quarterback like Derek Carr does not need an ego like Crabtree in his huddle.

The Raiders are trying to build a solid core of young talent with the right mix of veterans around that youth.  Reggie Wayne is less talented but would be a better fit for what the team is building.  He understands that he is on the backside of his career and would be willing to be a tutor to the younger players.  Greg Jennings would be another guy who could come in and be a great example to the younger players.  He is another guy who is not what he once was but brings a great attitude and a wealth of knowledge to the table.

The last thing the Raiders should want is to bring in a young player like Amari Cooper or Kevin White and they pick up the attitude of Crabtree.  It sounds corny, but one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. 

This is not to say that Crabtree has no value.  He makes a ton of sense for a team like the Kansas City Chiefs.  Crabtree does well running short to intermediate routes and pairing that with Jeremy Maclin would give the Chiefs a more complex passing attack than in recent years.  Also, Andy Reid is a no-nonsense type guy; he would have no problems dealing with Crabtree’s attitude. 

Crabtree has a ton to prove this upcoming season. (subscription required) rated him the 95th best receiver in the league.  Some people think he will never return to form due to the achillies injury he suffered.  Next season may be his last chance to prove his worth.  He should choose his next team wisely because a bad decision could mean the end of his career. 

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