NFL Draft 2015: Rumors swirl as Day 1 nears

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If one attempts to follow all the new from NFL GMs this week, it is likely that migraines would ensue. 

Let them tell it, no one currently on their roster is moving.  According to, Minnesota Vikings general manager, Rick Spielman, is not looking to move disgruntled running back Adrian Peterson.  The San Diego Chargers claim to have no intentions on moving Philip Rivers.  It also appears now that Sam Bradford will not be changing zip codes again, as is reporting he and the Philadelphia Eagles are discussing an extension. 

The problem is during the NFL buildup to the draft it is par for the course for all NFL general managers to lie continuously.  That is just how business is done.  No one wants to tip their hand too soon.

If the Tennessee Titans do indeed pass on Marcus Mariota at No. 2 overall, trust and believe the Jacksonville Jaguars’ phone line will heat up quickly.  If the Jags cannot find a trading partner, they too will pass on Mariota since they drafted Blake Bortles last year.  That means the Oakland Raiders would become very popular.  According to, the Raiders are open to trading down but the price would have to be right. (Again, if you can believe anything a general manager says this time of year.)  

Washington at No. 5 is a wild card.  According to, general manager Scot McGloughan has made it clear if a quarterback is the best play on the board at their pick, they will select a quarterback. 

There is precedent for a team selecting a quarterback while having one on the roster who is possibly the team’s future.  The Denver Broncos selected Tommy Maddox back in 1992 while a guy named John Elway was on the roster.  More recently, the Chargers drafted Philip Rivers while Drew Brees was on their roster.

The point is, someone is lying.  No way Mariota falls to No. 5. There are too many teams with quarterback needs who will jump up.  Somebody will pull the trigger on a deal. 

Oh, and F.Y.I., do not be shocked if the team that finds a way to move up happens to be the Eagles.  Nothing Chip Kelly has done has been conventional. If he thinks Mariota can run his offense at this level, he will find a way to get him.

There has been clamoring that this draft is not as deep as in years past.  That may be true, but that does not mean it won’t be fun.  The draft was moved to primetime television for a reason.  The lies cause suspense, and the suspense make for must-see TV. 

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