Lakers news: Magic Johnson sums up awful season in 140 characters

Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson has been candid and unafraid to speak his mind when it comes to the 2012-13 squad, and when the purple-and-gold took an embarrassing, season-ending home loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday, he continued to pile on. 

Truth be told, everything he said was correct and spot on. It summarized many fans’ feelings in one tweet:

This season for any LA stakeholder has been one of misery, and just like Old Yeller, it needed to be put down. Given the fact the Lakers came into the season with such high expectations that come with starting five All-Stars, including three virtual locks to the Hall of Fame in Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Steve Nash, this is one of, if not the worst season in franchise history. 

The 2003-04 Lakers come to mind as a team with similar aspirations and winning pedigree. That squad featured four sure-bet Hall-of-Famers — Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Gary Payton and Karl Malone. Injuries plagued that team, but they still managed to move through the playoffs into the NBA Finals, where they were shocked and upset by the storied rival Detroit Pistons, 4-1. 

That one could be chalked up to the one that got away since they were on the brink. But this season was a new anomaly, and this team was never that close. From the coaching change, to the personnel and systematic non-fit, to the ridiculous amount of injuries they faced and devastating loss of Bryant just when things were clicking, the 2012-13 Lakers were a mess, and it’s best that this season be forgotten. 

Magic is right — it’s time to move on. 

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Michael C. Jones is the managing editor and founder of Sports Out West and a Southern California-based sports journalist. His credits include Yahoo Sports and Bleacher Report, among others.


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