Los Angeles Dodgers’ recent success puts them in perfect position

As a number of key playoff pictures begin to take shape late in the Major League Baseball season, the Los Angeles Dodgers have shown once again why they are consistent contenders. The team has found a great deal of recent success and look to be favorites to win the National League West. They currently hold the best record in the National League and appear to not be slowing down anytime soon.

Much of their success can attributed to the team finally finding some chemistry and building momentum. The Dodgers’ outfield situation has finally began to work itself out with Yasiel Puig‘s move to center and Matt Kemp‘s move to right field. This allowed for Kemp to begin to perform at levels not seen in years from him and show why the Dodgers were smart to not trade him at the deadline.

Along with the team solving their outfield problem, their pitching is beginning to improve with Dan Haren stepping up to throw seven and a third innings and only give up one run against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The end of the Dodgers’ rotation has been a looming question throughout the season and Haren’s success along with the trade for Roberto Hernandez from the Phillies appear to be solving that issue as well.

The Dodgers’ depth in many places around the field has shown that they may have what it takes to finally go the distance and compete against the big-name teams. Justin Turner has shown that he can fill in anywhere around the infield to give guys a day off in much the same manner that Scott Van Slyke has been used throughout the year.

Moving forward, the team needs to show that they can continue their success and prove that they are able to beat quality teams to close out the season. Up to this point, they have put themselves in a position to control their own destiny and make the most of this season. They also have a good opportunity to show that the insane payroll of the team may actually be worth it in the end.

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