Lakers Kobe Bryant turns back the clock with facial dunk

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has been playing well as of late with his body feeling better over the last two weeks. With that in mind, Bryant was able to pull out a vintage facial dunk over Houston Rockets forward Clint Capela in the third quarter in Thursday’s 107-87 loss

Here is some of the reaction from players and coaches following the game:


“It felt great. My legs felt lively, felt springy. I have no idea where it came from, but it was there. So I can’t really explain it.

Dwight Howard:

“That’s his first dunk? Aww, dang. Throwback Thursday. I already know what the headlines are going to say. They’re going to have a picture of me, and a picture of Clint [Capela] side by side, and they’re going to say ‘Kobe turns back the hands of time.’ I didn’t think he had enough legs to do it. But, you know, it’s pretty cool. Good to see the old guy’s still got it a little bit.”

Byron Scott

“Pretty impressive for a 37-year-old,” Scott said. “After he dunked it, it was kind of like, whoa where did that come from?”

Trevor Ariza:

“It was fun seeing him get back to his self, he said he had his legs back felt like his legs were under him so, when you have a player like that, when he gets hot there’s nothing you can really do. You’ve just got to do your best to try to make him do something else.”

Julius Randle:

“That was crazy. That was vintage Mamba right there. That was nuts. It caught me by surprise. I haven’t seen him dunk all year. I tried to get him to dunk all year, and he says ‘no I’m not doing it.’ I don’t even think he knows where it came from.”

D’Angelo Russell:

“I caught Denzel Washington’s attention. I don’t know what we did, and the ref caught me. I was just like ‘how much am I going to get fined.'”

“Every time he does something like this I’m just going to do this (holding up two fingers). You have two years left on you if you do something like that.”

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