Lakers news: Kobe Bryant believes LeBron James joined LA to win championships

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James

Bryant has voiced that he feels James has made the jump to Los Angeles to lead the franchise to win NBA titles.

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The Los Angeles Lakers made the big splash move this offseason with the acquisition of LeBron James on a four-year, $153 million deal in free agency. 

This has immediately lifted the level of expectations for the franchise with James in the fold toward being in the championship picture next season and beyond. During a recent interview on the Rich Eisen Show, former Lakers great Kobe Bryant voiced that he believes that the four-time league MVP has joined the franchise with the intent on winning championships. 

“Why do people always say that you need to win a championship then there is a crowd of people that are like ‘well you don’t need to win a championship.’ Well if you are asking me you have to win a championship. This is why we play. This is why we are here is to win championships and he wouldn’t have came here if he didn’t expect to win championships.

There have been many to questions as to why James truly joined the franchise with much of that being based on the notion that he made the jump because of his desire to expand his brand off the court in the entertainment industry more so than winning on the court. He has already become a part of my different ventures off the court in the weeks that have followed his decision to join the Lakers.

However, James has shown throughout his career that he has the ability to lift any team he is playing on to being able to compete for an NBA title. This is likely the self-belief that he has about this next chapter of his career with the Lakers as he has the chance to put the franchise back to relevancy in the league and possibly contend for a championship.

Ultimately, only time will tell if Bryant can do that with Los Angeles beginning this upcoming season where there will be plenty of renewed excitement and buzz around the organization. 

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