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John Oliver mocks San Diego stadium issues

Sunday night on his show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, comedian John Oliver had his fun with the topic of cities pandering to the wants and needs of rich and powerful professional sports teams owners and their seemingly never ending desire for tax payer-funded stadiums. Along the way, he had plenty of fun with San Diego – and a host of other cities –  and its stadium issues.

The San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders are well along the path of creating a joint-use stadium in the Los Angeles area. Not to be outdone, the St. Louis Rams are also looking at Los Angles relocations possibilities as well. Despite being three franchises in the most successful sports league on the planet, each are negotiating for handouts, first in their current home cities, secondly for the citizens of southern California.

Of course, it’s not a phenomenon among football teams only. In basketball, the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks are working on getting tax payer funding as well.

Check out the video, below. It’s long, but entertaining, and Oliver raises some great points. He also has a history of raising the visibility of issues and enacting change. Will it work here?

Photo Credit: Jesse Dittmar for The Washington Post via Getty Images

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