Is Alex Wood the real deal?

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Los Angeles — Dodgers lefty Alex Wood has been a relative unknown throughout the league. But now teams and players are starting to take notice. Wood boasts a 6-0 record, with a 1.69 ERA and 60 strikeouts in 48 innings pitched. He is among the best in National League in most major statistical categories. On top of that, he has not allowed a single earned run in the last 23.1 innings and counting.

Wood shows very impressive numbers this season but is he the real deal?

Often times, we look at ERA to determine whether a pitcher is a stud or a dud. But that is not the most accurate way to measure the effectiveness of a pitcher. I like to use fielding independent pitching a.k.a FIP. What this essentially tells us is whether if the pitcher is the one doing all the work or the defense is making him look good. What is a good FIP? Just like ERA the lower the FIP the better.

According to baseball-reference, Wood boasts a 1.89 FIP, which suggests he is the real deal. Keep in mind his FIP has not been updated to reflect how he played in Friday night’s win against the Chicago Cubs.

Could the Dodgers brass move him at some point?

I know what you are thinking, what a bizarre question to ask so early in the season, right?

Well let me ask you this would you be surprised if Andrew Friedman did trade him?

My answer is no. Let me tell you why. Friedman and company are about the numbers and consistency. I think they would be reluctant to wait and see if Wood is a stud or a dud long-term. They would rather trade him while his value is at his highest. Friedman has a proven track record of trading productive players.

Let’s recall the Dee Gordon trade. Prior to the 2015 season the Dodgers traded away shortstop Gordon after a very productive 2014 season which he was selected to the All-Star team. At the time that was a head scratching move and it was not a popular one by Dodgers’ fans. Fast forward three seasons and it seems to be a brilliant move. That trade netted the Dodgers utility infielder Kike Hernandez, relief pitcher Chris Hatcher and catcher Austin Barnes. These guys are all productive and important members on this roster.

So all things considered, this could be a real possibility.

Wood was probably originally brought in to be a fourth or fifth starter in the rotation but unexpectedly blossomed into arguably the second best pitcher on this team. He could fetch a huge return from a team desperate for young talented pitching. What makes him even more attractive he is only 26 years old and has two more years of team control left.

If he is traded it is unknown what the Dodgers might be able to get for him. But with the lack of young front line pitchers in the next few free agencies, should play in the Dodgers favor.

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