Funny Kobe Bryant meme circulating on social media

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So, just how hard has everyday life been for Kobe Bryant since retiring from basketball?

A funny meme that has been circulating on Instagram for the past month might be the answer to that question.

The meme pokes fun at the future Hall of Famer, who is now in the post-NBA stages of his life. The trendy photo and caption attempt to provide viewers with an accurate depiction of Bryant’s newfound struggle to find meaning and purpose in life after calling it quits on what was his greatest passion: basketball. View the meme here.

In the photo, Bryant can be seen sitting down in a chair in what is supposedly his home. He has a blank look on his face that is quite uncharacteristic compared to the ways he used to look on the court in the heat of the moment. Bryant’s gaze gives off the impression that he is disinterested in his current setting; his facial expression can almost come across as being dazed and confused.

The caption indicates that Bryant’s blank stare is directed at his wife and kids who are supposedly right in front of him. It is to his loved ones that he poses the question, “So what y’all like to do?”

Like his facial expression, Bryant’s question to his family is another clear indicator that he is lost without his favorite sport. The question hints at the idea that Bryant, a notorious workaholic during his playing days, has never before been around his wife and kids long enough to truly spend time with them and find out what it is they like to do for fun.

Like most jokes, the accuracy of the meme is what makes it so funny. In addition to all the long hours Bryant is known to have spent perfecting his craft off the court, the Los Angeles Lakers great accumulated a lot of playing time on the court as well.

Bryant and the Lakers were regulars in postseason action throughout the course of his 20-year professional career. He played in a total of seven NBA Finals series, winning five of them. He is an 18-time NBA All-Star who finished his career with more than 33,000 total points scored. He sits third on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

Furthermore, Bryant also played in the Olympics as a pro; he was on the roster for Team USA multiple times. He even competed in the slam dunk contest as a rookie; he won that, too.

Who knows? The 37-year-old might very well be finding it hard to cope with retirement. Poor Kobe. At least the meme is hilarious, though.

Kobe Bean Bryant was born on Aug. 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pa. He attended Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pa. He was a first-round selection by the Charlotte Hornets in the 1996 NBA Draft. He and his wife Vanessa have two daughters named Natalia and Gianna.

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