ESPN’s Ultimate Standings: Where does Los Angeles rank?

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Where do the Los Angeles and Anaheim professional sports teams rank compared to other professional teams across the MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL?

ESPN The Magazine released their fourteenth annual installment of the Ultimate Standings, where they rank fans’ favorite franchises across professional sports via questions about championships, cheap seats and more. 

The top team in ESPN’s standings actually plays outside of Los Angeles. The Anaheim Ducks rank 23rd overall, after dropping 19 spots overall.  Anaheim’s high ranking comes from their fourth-lowest ticket prices in the NHL, as well as an appearance in last year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

Another hockey team tops the Overall Standings in Los Angeles, according to ESPN. The Los Angeles Kings head the Los Angeles market by ranking No. 38 overall and the squad finished top ten in the NHL. Despite getting knocked out of the playoffs last season, they ranked 11th in the title track, 16th in ownership, 14th in concession stands and 19th in stadium experience.

After that, the Los Angeles Angels ranked No. 56 overall and 12th in the MLB. This was a fall from 28th in 2015 and 15th in 2014.  Mostly due to an underwhelming year where the Angels finished with a sub-.500 season. Manager Mike Sociascia also dropped 32 spots.

Next, the Los Angeles Dodgers and their young talent dropped five spots from last year at No. 64. A large reason was the No. 94 fan relations ranking due to limited access to their TV broadcasts. The $6 soda at the ballpark, the highest price in the MLB, also hurt their stadium experience and bang for the buck ratings.

The LA Clippers are only a few spots lower at No. 69. However, the Clippers were at an all-time high ranking last season. They dropped in every category including title track, ownership, coaching, stadium experience, fan relations and players.

At No. 109, we have Staples Center’s third tenant. The Los Angeles Lakers finished 26th in the NBA despite their history of 16 championships. After the worst season in franchise history, it should not be surprising that the team fell nine spots in the overall standings. Plus, the franchise ranks third-worst overall in bang for the buck.

Finally, Los Angeles’ newest sports team hold the No. 121 ranking. The Los Angeles Rams finished at the second-to-last spot just above the San Francisco 49ers. Rams owner Stan Kroenke finished as the 121st-ranked owner in sports. Jeff Fisher fell 49 spots in coaching rankings, and the roster dropped 20 spots in players.

Will Los Angeles have a team crack the top-10? It will have to be next year.



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