Derek Carr takes blame for loss to Broncos

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr took the blame for Oakland’s 16-10 loss to the Denver Broncos Sunday, according to Comcast Sportsnet (CSN).

With seven minutes left in the fourth quarter, Carr threw an interception to Broncos corner back Chris Harris Jr., who returned in 74 yards for a touchdown. It would be Denver’s only touchdown of the day and the deciding factor in the game.

(Watch video here.)

“When something like this happens, look to me,” Carr told CSN. “I always take all the accountability.”

The has in fact been a consistent post-game attitude for Carr, who, according to CSN, shouldered the blame for the loss in his first career start in 2014.

“You can put it all on me, because I’m going to go ahead and work my tail my tail off, and we’re going to fix things,” Carr told CSN in September 2014.

Despite the late interception, Carr did not perform poorly in Sunday’s loss. In fact, he outdueled future hall-of-famer Peyton Manning.

Carr topped Manning in completion percentage (67 percent to 63 percent), touchdown passes (one to zero), interceptions thrown (one to two) and quarterback rating (82.1 to 62.3).

Carr’s quarterback rating of 82.1 was the second-lowest of the season, but he had a lower rating in 11 of his 16 starts in 2014, showing that the young QB has made significant improvements in his sophomore season.

Oakland was a 5.5-point underdog entering Sunday’s matchup, facing an undefeated Broncos team, which held the NFL record for most consecutive road wins against division opponents. That streak, started in 2011, extended to 14 Sunday.

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Mark Carlisle

Mark Carlisle writes about the Angels and produces a post-game Angels podcast at the Orange County Register. At Chapman University, he hosted a sports talk radio show and covered Chapman's baseball team for the school paper, The Panther, where -- in addition to sports coverage -- he held two editorial positions.


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