Deadlines set for NFL to Los Angeles, per reports from Owners’ Meetings

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NFL Owners flocked to Dallas for the annual Owners’ Meetings, but this agenda included sorting out the NFL to Los Angeles, per multiple reports.

The Rams, Raiders and Chargers proposed stadiums in Los Angeles at the previous meeting.

Leading up to Wednesday’s meeting, much speculation swirled around the three teams quest for a new stadium. However, the Dallas Owners’ Meetings cleared up some of the uncertainty.

Multiple sources reported a majority of owners vying for a decision on which teams would relocate to Los Angeles. Many Owners went on record saying they want the decision made in January.

That means either the Inglewood or Carson proposal would need 24 votes from all the owners. That might be unrealistic expectations according to some owners.

“It’s hard to see one of the proposals as getting 24 votes,” Colts owner Jim Irsay said on Wednesday, via “I don’t think we’re extremely close right now.”

Before the meeting, many speculated the decision could get postponed to March or May so an outcome can be predetermined.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did not rule out postponement after the Owners’ Meetings in Houston, either. However, he did say he wants to get the Los Angeles issue resolved. 

Goodell did talk about the possibility of San Diego not having a team, in a press conference held after the meeting.

San Diego, St. Louis and Oakland have until Dec. 28 to compose final proposals. The home markets only have four weeks to make a final push for their franchises.

The final deadline comes just before the final week of the regular season. Lucky for all three teams, they each play their final regular-season game on the road.

Nonetheless, it is still unclear where the stadium in Los Angles will be built. It is also unclear which team or teams will move.

Some speculate the Chargers and Rams linking-up on a deal for the Inglewood Stadium. However, that would require the Chargers abandoning the Raiders, their partner for the stadium in Carson, which could lead to legal problems.

As for the Raiders, Mark Davis maintained he wants his franchise in Oakland or Los Angeles.

Davis’ Raiders, the Rams and Chargers are all inching closer to finally seeing who winds up in Los Angeles.

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