Colin Kaepernick won’t face charges over Miami incident

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office has announced that it does not have enough evidence to prosecute Colin Kaepernick, Quinton Patton or Ricardo Lockette in relation to the “suspicious incident” the players were allegedly involved in a couple of months ago.

“No charges, no indication that a criminal act was committed,” said Ed Griffith of the State Attorney’s Office. “She was alleging that she may have been the victim of a sexual assault, and there was no evidence.”

911 tapes were released in which a man (reported to be Lockette) reported there was a naked woman in his friend’s bed and she would not leave. The friend, who was believed to be Kaepernick, was said to not be present at the time of the call.

Kaepernick maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal, and received support from the San Francisco 49ers. The team proceeded with finalizing a $126 million contract extension with quarterback despite the case still being open. Kaepernick’s head coach, Jim Harbaugh, was also vocal in his support. 

“At some point there needs to be a resolution to some of jump-the-gun, witch-hunt kind of scenario that we’re seeing,” Harbaugh said.

“I mean, the only victim in Colin’s case is Colin’s reputation.”

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images

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