Carmelo Anthony to Los Angeles makes sense

Everyone is already gushing over the potential free agents of 2014. is already thinking out loud about what could happen if Lebron James leaves the Miami Heat or if Carmelo Anthony leaves the New York Knicks for the Los Angeles Lakers.

 James has it made in Miami, and even if Dwayne Wade is losing a step, he would still be better than half the starting shooting guards in the league. 

Anthony on the other hand is a different story. 

For starters, he has not won an NBA title.  Secondly, the Knicks as they are currently constructed are only in the middle of the pack in the Eastern Conference.  They do not have the cap space to make moves to make the roster much better.  With the Brooklyn Nets getting better and Derrick Rose returning to the Chicago Bulls next season, the road to the NBA Finals just became more difficult. 

Anthony has the option to opt out of his contract next season, but what if he pushed a move to Los Angeles prior to his contract expiring?  What if he told the Knicks that he does not plan on re-signing? 

Imagine a deal where Anthony and Tyson Chandler are packaged together for Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

The Lakers are the team in Los Angeles everyone likes to talk about, but a move to the Los Angeles Clippers makes more sense.  It was Chris Paul whom Anthony wanted to bring with him to the Knicks in the first place.  Also, consider the fact that Anthony played for Mike D’Antoni before and the results were less than stellar. 

Doc Rivers, along with Paul, could get Anthony to take better shots and in so doing, make him more efficient.  Chandler like Jordan is a rim protector and rebounder, but unlike Jordan can play in the fourth quarter because he will make his free throws. 

As it stands right now the Clippers are simply a playoff team.  If they pulled this deal off they would have to be ranked among the title contenders. 

 The Clippers are finally being considered as competent.  The Lakers are in a state of peril.  There is no time like the present to swing for the fences and see what happens.  If it does not work, hey, it is just the Clippers being the Clippers.  If it does work, the world champion Los Angeles Clippers has a nice ring to it.    

Photo Credit: NBA 1 / Flickr

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