Chargers training camp 2014: Brandon Flowers ready to blossom with new team

SAN DIEGO– The biggest name the San Diego Chargers signed during the offseason was without a doubt Brandon Flowers

The former Kansas City Chiefs cornerback wore No. 24 for the past six years. He now wears No. 26. 

A new team. A new regime. A new scheme. 

Day 1 of training camp was Flowers’ first time on-field since the Chiefs’ last playoff game. During 7-on-7 drills, he played at left corner with Shareece Wright lined up on the right side. They were rotated with Richard Marshall and rookie Jason Verrett

The team also has Steve Williams and fifth-year player Brandon Ghee. One thing is for certain, the cornerback position is deep for the Chargers this year. 

“We have a lot of guys that flock to the ball on defense…ball hawks on the back end. Those guys up front, you can tell they want to create pressure this year,” Flowers said. 

Flowers is certainly a big addition to the defense, but it’s his attitude that makes it clear that he strives to improve each day and wants to push himself to be in “best tip-top shape.” More importantly, his enthusiasm exudes he’s a team player and gives credit to where it’s deserved. 

He praised Verrett’s performance, stating the first-round pick looked “competitive” and “very physical at a point of attack.” Both Flowers and Verrett missed minicamp and OTAs, but the sixth-year veteran was impressed with the rookie on how quickly he’s learning. 

One of the players Flowers is looking forward to being on the same team with instead of lining up against is quarterback Philip Rivers

“The (respect) is mutual. That guy is tough to play against, kept me on my toes for six years straight,” Flowers added. “Practicing against him and seeing his work ethic, how precise he wants everything, that’s going to do nothing but sharpen my skills on the other side of the ball.”

“I feel like I can’t give up a play because I have to match him, match his intensity.”

Rivers has mutual respect for the newcomer.

“It’s nice having him in our color for a change,” Rivers said. “He’s a guy I’ve always respected from afar. He’s a real crafty, good corner, and having a veteran like that who’s had the success he’s had is great to get him in here.” 

Despite the divisonal transfer, Flowers said his transition from a Chief to a Charger has been smooth and has been welcomed by the team. 

“We all have one goal and that’s at the end of the year, to hold that trophy up. I love these guys like brothers already.” 

Photo Credit: Laramee Bishop / Sports Out West

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Laramee Bishop

Laramee Bishop is a sports journalist hailing from San Diego. She currently works as a producer and editor at NFL Network in Los Angeles. Her previous line of work includes: U-T San Diego, U-T TV, Quiksilver, and TransWorld Media.


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