Billboard welcomes Rams to Los Angeles

Popular Demand

On the corner of Franklin and Highland in Hollywood, a billboard in Los Angeles Rams colors welcomed players by calling Los Angeles greater than St. Louis.

A Los Angeles based clothing line Popular Demand commissioned the billboard, and has since pulled it down, according to ABC 7. The clothing line has no relationship with the team.

Despite the outrage from the Rams former market St. Louis, Popular Demand CEO Blake Ricciardi said the billboard was not saying St. Louis was the worst. Rather the billboard simply states that Los Angeles is better and the players should want to play here.

ABC 7 reported that players found the message amusing, while everyone outside of SoCal found it disrespectful.

As for the franchise, many of the Rams players and administration are beginning their move west. 

The Rams closed their business operations in St. Louis more than a week ago, according to ESPN.

The moving trucks will take important equipment to Oxnard, where the team will host offseason activities April 18, according to ESPN.

The rest of the Rams items will move to an Anaheim storage until training camp is held at the University of California Irvine.

For now, business operations will be located in Agoura Hills. The temporary in season home will be Thousand Oaks.

Clearly, the Rams are already being welcomed in the market that missed  the NFL for more than 20 years.




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