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Any Kings in the Kingdom?

Los Angeles Kings Goaltender Jonathan Quick (Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire)

With an entire month of hockey now coming to a close, it’s time to check in on the Staples Center resident Los Angeles Kings. Fellow roommates the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers have been making a ton of noise, the Kings are off in the silent distant. What was thought of as a rebuilding year last year, has made its way into the 2019-20 season.

After 13 games played, the Kings have posted a 4-9-0 record accumulating only eight points total. Los Angeles is tied for last place in the Western Conference alongside the Chicago Blackhawks.

They’re also dead last in the Pacific Division, being only a point shy behind the San Jose Sharks from not holding that title.

Meanwhile, Interstate 5 rival the Anaheim Ducks are having greater earlier success at the moment (8-6-0 record with 16 points total).

To provide more statistical insight as to how bad the season has gone so far for the Kings, Captain Winger, Anze Kopitar leads the team in the top three skater categories. He has four goals total, nine assists, and 13 points on the season.

In the net, both goalies Jack Campbell and Jonathan Quick each have two wins. Campbell, however, leads the two with a higher save percentage at .880 and has allowed an average of 3.22 goals against him.

Collectively as an entire unit, Los Angeles has been abysmal statistically. The skaters are averaging 2.62 goals per game. The defense is giving up 4.15 goals against them per game. The team is nowhere to be found on power plays, only scoring a horrendous 9.8% in all of their opportunities thus far. However, the one shining light that the team has going for them is that they lead the league in shots taken per game with 36.2.

Which leads to this, the Kings over the past couple of seasons have struggled out-shooting their opponents. This season, those shots just aren’t going in.

Looking forward into November, the Kings face the Blackhawks at home on Saturday, November 2nd (lost 5-1 in Chicago earlier this month) for a quick rematch. Afterward, the team is heads to East Canada for a road trip to face the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadians. Head Coach Todd McLellan has plenty of more work to do with his new team in his second month at the helm.

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