Anquan Boldin on Colin Kaepernick: ‘Trust your skills’

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Anquan Boldin appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio Wednesday, as per ESPNand had a simple message to his quarterback, Colin Kaepernick: “Trust your skills”. 

The former Raven and Cardinal wants his QB to get better from the worst year of his career. Kaepernick threw only 19 touchdowns and 10 interactions (by far his worst season) while taking 52 (52!) sacks. It wasn’t enough to propel a fairly decent roster with a strong running game (2,176 combined rushing yards) to more than 8 wins. 

Kaepernick needs to get better for the 49ers to have move success, especially considering the roster seems a lot worse. According to Boldin, that means relying on his athelticism and not following the advice of others. 

“To be honest with you, I just think he has to just block out everything else around him. Stop listening to what people have to say about you. Stop listening to what people want to see you do. And just be yourself.
I think sometimes when you try to go off suggestions of other people and try to please other people, you forget who you are and what got you there.”


Unfortunatly  for Boldin (and the 49ers if Boldin is right), Kaepernick has already gone outside the organization for advice, enlisting retired Super Bowl winning quarterback Kurt Warner to train him to stay in the pocket and progress through his reads. 

Here’s the thing, though. Both Boldin and Kaepernick are right. Kaepernick either needs to transition to being more of a pistol/read-option QB (like his highly successful first season starting) or to a pocket passer who uses his athleticism sparingly (like Kurt Warner wants him to be). Either way would lead to success but straddling the middle isn’t really working as he is becoming more indecisive and mistake prone

It’s in Kaepernick’s best interest career-wise to be a pocket passer so he lasts in the league over the next decade. In the short-term though (or the rest of Boldin’s career), it’s best for the 49ers if Kaepernick forgoes his development and relies on his athleticism to pick up yards and wins. 

Kaepernick’s acceptance of outside help is done though (and still on going), even before Boldin made his statement. As far as making a currently dysfunctional team not appear dysfunctional, it doesn’t help.

And so the dysfunction continues. 

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