4 reasons the Anaheim Ducks should sign Paul Bissonnette

Paul Bissonnette

So, left wing Paul Bissonnette is never going to rival captain Ryan Getzlaf in points production. Heck, he might not even match fellow winger Emerson Etem‘s 11 points. Nonetheless, the Anaheim Ducks should contact the player hockey fans affectionately call “BizNasty” and offer him a basic contract.

#1: He’s an enforcer, not a goon

While the distinction between enforcer and goon is tenuous, Bissonnette manages it. A goon indulges is deliberately injurious plays — such as knee-on-knee hits. An enforcer fights to protect his teammates. That’s BizNasty.

Granted, Ducks players can protect themselves — and they’ve been getting bigger and stronger to ensure it stays that way. However, next time forward Corey Perry fills an opponent’s glove with water or steals a stick or one of the other provocative acts in which he indulges, wouldn’t it be nice if coach Bruce Boudreau could sent Bissonnette out to make sure the other side didn’t get too wound up about it?

#2: He lays opponents out

BizNasty’s a pretty big guy for a forward, 6-foot2, 216 pounds. There’s bigger, but Bissonnette has the size to make his presence known on the ice. And, boy, does he do that.

According to Arizona Sports, the Phoenix (now Arizona) Coyotes hit their opponents an average of 14.2 times when Bissonnette took the ice. They only took an average of 9.7 hits. BizNasty hits hard, and he makes a guy not want to hit back — for fear of getting labeled again.

#3: He’s popular on and off the ice

Believe it or not, the nickname “BizNasty” is akin to a term of affection. It’s also his Twitter handle. In fact, BizNasty is one of the most popular personalities on Twitter — not just amongst hockey players, but on all of Twitter. In fact, he’s such a star he had to suspend his account for awhile for inappropriate tweets — now that’s millennial.

That may not seem important, but those Los Angeles Kings are annoyingly popular. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bona fide social media star on the team — one that might take the focus off of Jeff Carter‘s frosted tips for a change?

He’s also popular on the ice — he’s one of those heart players. Credit it at least in part to the fact that Bissonnette is willing to go to blows for a teammate — no matter how big, scary and Milan Lucic-like the opponent is. His teammates appreciate his efforts.

#4: He’s humble

Stop laughing. No, the man who tweets a picture of himself with bikini-clad girls grabbing his, er, assets is not humble in the traditional sense of the word. However, BizNasty is a role player, one who is well aware of the fact that his statistics aren’t impressive — in fact, he’s renowned for tweeting humble missives about his lack of offensive ability.

That’s a player who’ll go to the ends of the earth for his team. In fact, his former captain, Shane Doan, said of Bissonnette:

“He brings energy. He’s a guy that wants to do everything right. His effort is unquestionable. He’s a good player and doesn’t get the credit he deserves.”

The Arizona Coyotes didn’t sign the unrestricted free agent to a new contract (blame the name change). Bissonnette knows that he’s going to have to prove himself to whatever team does offer him a contract.

BizNasty’s got a lot to give, and he’s likely to do it for cheap. Why shouldn’t the Anaheim Ducks take advantage of that?

 Photo Credit: Justin Bourne, The Score

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