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Our fearless leader grew up in Southern California as a die-hard fan of the Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Lakers, Anaheim Ducks, and San Francisco 49ers. Over the years, he became frustrated with the lack of national coverage for the teams he cared about most.

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox dominated the radio and television airwaves, and he developed a disdain toward the heavy East Coast bias that existed in sports.

Then in 2012, he  decided to do something about it.

Sports Out West, an all-encompassing sports site that highlighted anything to do with professional sports in the Pacific Time Zone, was born. 

Who we are

We are experts who know how to deliver the coverage you deserve for your teams. Our aim is to give you that while sprinkling in a fair dose of those other teams the four-letter network just can’t get enough of.

The end product? Sports coverage with a West Coast bias and national perspective–think of it as a “Bizzaro” world of national sports coverage where the teams out west get most of the love.

Either way, we’re here to deliver the best in sports coverage directly to you. We’re glad you’re here.

Thanks for checking us out!

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