Shaun Livingston out Friday to attend funeral of Devin Harris’ brother

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Often times, the NBA is said to be a brotherhood. No actions make that clearer than that of Shaun Livingston & Steph Curry.

Per Chris Haynes of ESPN, Golden State Warriors guard Shaun Livingston will miss Friday’s game against the Washington Wizards in order to attend the funeral of Devin Harris’ brother.

Many times we forget that the game of Basketball is in fact more than a game. We see players injured on the court, but we don’t see them injured at home with their kids. On October 23rd, Steph Curry reminded us what’s more important than the game.

Prior to the game against the Mavericks, Steph Curry had an emotional moment with the nephew of Devin Harris. Although Harris was on the opposing team, Steph did what was right and consoled the child in a way that only a role model could.

From the eyes of a spectator, basketball is just a game filled with competitive athletes. But from the eyes of the athlete, the game is a fraternity that runs much deeper than a contest played between the lines. 

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Farbod Esnaashari

Farbod has worked for ESPN 4 years as a researcher, and worked with the LA Clippers for 6 years inside of Staples Center. He currently contributes to: Sports Out West, The Sports Daily,, and Fansided.


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