Los Angeles Rams required to pay players’ moving expenses

USA Today

The Los Angeles Rams will pay for players’ moving expenses due to Article 36 of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA), according to an ESPN report.

While the NFL Owners ironed out details about the Rams’ relocation to Los Angeles, the NFLPA also watched closely. A spokesperson for the NFLPA said the union will keep an eye on anything that effects the players day-to-day work conditions. 

The CBA specifically states that any player who establishes permanent residence in the first season is eligible for paid moving expenses, but the union said it is not concerned about the moving fees.

Big picture, the Rams’ move to the second largest media market could change the league’s revenue pool. Hence, there could be an increase in the salary cap which is tied to league revenues.

On Jan. 12, league owners voted to award the Los Angeles market to owner Stan Kroenke. The San Diego Chargers have the option to join the Rams at the new Inglewood, Calif. facility if the two sides can work out a partnership or tenancy agreement. 

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