Oakland A’s say Stephen Curry, Warriors are welcome at their ballpark, too

Golden State Warriors guard – and NBA MVP – Stephen Curry caught a baseball game Friday night while the basketball postseason took a temporary hiatus to get ready for the NBA Finals starting later this week. But his choice of games to go seek irked his neighbors in Oakland.

Friday night, Curry and his wife Alyesha were spotted in the front row in San Francisco as the Giants hosted the Atlanta Braves, with the MVP decked out in a Giants hat and jacket. Meanwhile, back in Oakland, the Athletics were hosting the New York Yankees on the same night, right next door to Curry’s office, Oracle Arena.

In an article by Jimmy Durkin in the San Jose Mercury News, A’s manager Bob Melvin was quoted as saying, “I’ve talked to Steve Kerr before. They know it’s an open invite to come out here, take BP, do whatever they want to do out here. I’d love to see them out here.”

While Melvin was pretty diplomatic, right fielder Josh Reddick reacted a bit more emotionally, tweeting his initial reaction, then coming back on Sunday to try to beat down any flames of controversy.

Photo Credit:  Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group

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