2015 NFL Draft: Brett Hundley signs with Green Bay Packers; will promptly disappear

Brett Hundley, the former UCLA quarterback, signed with the Green Bay Packers after being selected in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft in a move first announced by NFL Network’s Ian Rapport, as per NFL.com

Long assumed the third or forth best quarterback in the draft, Hundley slipped on draft day, falling to the fifth round and was the sixth QB selected. Eventually, he slide far enough so the value outweighed the selection, and the Packers traded up to get him, giving New England their 7th round pick (No. 247 overall) to move from 166th overall to 147th overall.

And Hundley will promptly be never heard from again.

While the eventual goal is to trade him for a higher pick than a fifth-round selection, that plan rarely works. Every year, there’s at least one athletic quarterback who slides down draft boards that can be selected late. Why trade for Hundley then and waste a selection on (what will be) an older prospect?

And as far as in-season trades go, they usually don’t happen as, if the starting QB goes down, the season is generally shot unless the in-house backup is adequate (like the Arizona Cardinals under Drew Stanton). No sense in wasting draft picks (like the then AFC Conference-best 6-2 Oakland Raiders did by trading for Carson Palmer after Jason Cambell went down).

There’s also no guarantee Hundley is the primary backup to Aaron Rodgers. The Packers seem really high on Scott Tolzien, who is familar with Mike McCarthy’s West-Coast offense. Plus, West-Coast offenses place a premium more on accuracy than athleticism, which suggests that, even in a fair contest, Tolzien would beat out Hundley for the backup job. 

The Packers would probably have to pull a 2008 Denver Broncos move (where Tim Tebow leapfrogged the better, more accurate Brady Quinn). It seems doubtful that if, Rodgers goes down again (like he did in 2013), Hundley would see action. 

Which basically makes Hundley the next highly-touted pre-draft athletic QB in a long line of highly-touted, pre-draft athletic QBs that fail to amount to anything in the NFL

Ever hear of Tony Pike anymore?

Or Stephen McGee?

Or Troy Smith?

Expect Hundley to follow a similar career path to these once-highly touted late-round selections and vanish from the public eye. 

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Pressley Nietering

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