3 MMA podcasts you should be listening to

Mixed martial arts is continuing to evolve at a break-neck speed. Promotions are getting stronger, and the amount of capital being ploughed into broadcasting budgets is increasing.

Whether its television or online, MMA as a product has never been better. One of the most lucrative and trending ways to reach the MMA community is now through podcasts. With many of the leading figureheads of the media and even ex-fighters getting in on the act, bringing avid fans an insight into the daily rigors of a MMA fighter.

Modern broadcasting

Podcasting is a form of broadcasting that is extremely efficient. That’s why so many people are now downloading podcasts and listening to them as they relax during commuting hours, at work or even while they work out.

PEW Research Center reported in 2013 that a quarter of Internet users now download or listen to podcasts regularly. This figure has been attributed to the rise in smartphone use, as gaming developer Gaming Realms, the creators of portal Total Gold state “now accounts for approximately 16 % of the global mobile use.” With more and more people using the Internet via their smartphone, podcasts have become more accessible to the modern day Internet user, hence why many MMA publications and broadcast companies are tapping into the world of podcasts.

Recommended podcasts

The problem is, there are so many podcasts that litter the App Store and Google Play. Which are the best ones to listen to reguarly?

First, you’ll find that the majority of hardcore MMA fans will listen to the award-winning journalist Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour. Probably the most publicized journalist on the circuit, Helwani manages to lure all the top fighters and figureheads of the sport on his weekly show.

The show goes live on every Monday and then subsequently becomes available as a podcast later than day.

The next choice is a no-brainer, but it is a relative newcomer to the world of MMA podcasts. Former UFC fighter and analyst Chael Sonnen has begun his journey into podcasting. His latest episode features an interview with his former training partner and UFC middleweight veteran Chris “The Crippler” Leben.

The final choice in this recommendation article is Sherdog Radio which usually airs a couple of days before events. Sherdog has long been a major player in the world of MMA journalism, and its The Roundtable podcast is one of the most informative and interesting shows you’re likely to stumble across. The show features the creators of Sherdog who are regarded as some of the best connected in the industry today.

If you have any other recommendations when it comes to MMA podcasts, we would like to hear your favorites in the comment section below.



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