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Warriors free agency news: 3 players Golden State should consider

Despite their inability to negotiate a deal for glass-eating maniac Kevin Love, the Warriors have had a relatively successful offseason. In addition to assembling a superstar cast of assistant coaches (on paper, arguably the most talented in the Association), the Warriors made significant upgrades to their bench at the guard and wing positions by acquiring Shaun Livingston and Brandon Rush. Barring any major injuries, the Warriors’ secondary unit will be much improved.

But striking out on Kevin Love means the Warriors’ frontline is still thin. Bogut is constantly plagued by injuries, Ezeli’s offensive skills remain a big question mark, and Kuzmic has yet to prove he’s an NBA-caliber big man. Adding a stretch-four or a rim protector at an affordable price would solidify the Warriors’ reserve unit, and their team as a whole. Here are three available free agents they should consider looking at:

Andray Blatche:

At 6-foot-11, Blatche would be the perfect addition to the Warriors by being able to provide solid minutes at the power forward and center positions. While Blatche may only be a slightly above-average rebounder for his size, he’s gifted offensively and excels at scoring the ball. Defensively, Blatche can protect the rim and posted surprisingly high steal totals. In fact, Blatche places among the league leaders in steal percentage, ranking as high as eighth two years ago – the highest of any big man in the league that season.

Mike Scott:

Scott is one of the more obscure names among free-agent lists, but his value is not to be undermined. In his limited minutes, Scott has been a fairly efficient scorer for the Hawks. Scott also had a much improved jumpshot last year, and will look to continue this trend into next season. With the least credibility to his current NBA resume, the Warriors may be able to sign Scott at a bargain price.

Shawn Marion:

Considering the page-long list of free agents the Dallas Mavericks acquired this offseason, it’s improbable that they’ll have the cap space to bring back Marion. However, Marion is still a very serviceable forward, and the team he decides to grace his talents with will be fortunate to have him.

Once a dominant force in the league, Marion still possesses the ability to rebound and defend effectively. He’s not the athletic freak and explosive scorer that he used to be, but he can still shoot the ball. Marion is exactly what you want from a stretch-four, and he would do wonders to the Warriors’ spacing on the floor.

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