Robbie Keane critical of MLS starting times

LA Galaxy Striker Robbie Keane does not like playing in the heat and says the league should alter match start times to avoid  it, according to Kevin Palmer of ESPN FC.

Los Angeles played a match in Chicago on June 1 against the Fire in which the game resulted in a 1-1 draw. The game started at 3 pm and in 90-degree weather, one of the hottest days in Chicago so far this year. The outcome did not bother the 33-year-old forward as much as the safety of his teammates.

“One of our players felt dizzy during the match and nearly fainted because of the heat and had to be taken off. One of these days something seriously bad is going to happen,” said Keane.

The veteran striker for the Republic of Ireland would go on to say that it is in Major League Soccer’s best interest to listen to suggestions, such as moving the start time of a game from afternoon to evening,  from players with experience if the team wants to continue to grow in America.

Robbie Keane does make a valid argument. He has not had much experience playing in hot weather because most matches played in Europe are played in the rain, in cooler temperatures or at night. Thus, a lot of players do not complain about the heat.

 Everywhere else in the world, however, the game is played throughout various times of the day, giving different leagues its own character and challenges for players. Games are played in snow, rain, heavy winds and heat.  There is enough reason change a game time if any of those conditions arise. Playing in the heat should be as much of an adjustment as playing in high altitude. It seems easier to have one player get used to the weather than it would be to change game times for thousands of fans who bought tickets in advance.

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Eldrick Bone

Eldrick Bone was born and raised in Los Angeles and has devoted his professional life to revolve around sports. A journalism graduate of California State University, Northridge, Eldrick served as a sports writer, reporter and anchor for the school’s broadcast news program, Valley View News. He was previously the host of the sports radio show, In the Sports Booth on SkidRow studios.


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