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Steve Kerr the key to the next level with the Golden State Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors have a new man in charge. Steve Kerr replaces Mark Jackson, as the new Warriors’ head coach. Kerr will enter the job with zero previous experience in the head coaching role, but he may just be the fit they need.

He should be dynamite with the front office. Words like these work in your favor to be a “front office” guy — the big reason why Jackson was let go. Kerr should get along with the management and the fan base if the winning formula and culture continues, but what of the players; the most important part of a team?

The words he ushered to reporters and in his press conference, last Tuesday, all help his case as a popular choice for the front office. He covered realistic goals, the want for an experience assistant coach, and his reasoning for choosing the Warriors (“just clicked”).

His journey to win over the players may be a bit tougher. He gushed over players and personally talked to each person on the roster and set realistic goals and outlooks for the team’s prospects and future. That should go a long way in establishing both a trust between player and coach and a respect level. Both sides need to agree that the product and outlook is bright and it seems like it they will.

Kerr may be inexperienced in coaching, but he’s not in both winning and winning people over. He was successful on the hardwood and managed a difficult situation as a part of the Phoenix Suns’ organization. This will be his biggest test yet. But, a winning pedigree, realistic outlook, and great people skills should prove to be beneficial in Kerr’s first season as an NBA coach.


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Timothy Lee

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