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NFL offseason 2014: Raiders rookie Mini-camp gives coaches a first look

Rookie mini-camps don’t really tell a big story about what a rookie is going to do in his first season, but they can be a barometer of the type of professional he is going to be. 

Before mini-camp even began Oakland Raider first-round pick Khalil Mack signed his contract.  The contracts are pretty much slated now, so it is not a huge deal, but it shows that he wanted to get right to business.  Mack is expected to come in and contribute right away and all indications are he will be able to do so.   

While Mack was the Raiders first selection of the draft, he may not be the one garnering the most attention.  Second-round pick Derek Carr is very aware everyone is watching.  He may have been too aware as he fumbled his first snap under center.  Carr admitted to reporters that he wants to be perfect.  According to he said, ““Any time a play doesn’t work,” he said, “I’m not happy.” 

In what may be the feel good story of the Raiders mini-camp, the Raiders signed George Atkinson III.  He is the son of former Raider George Atkinson.  When Dennis Allen was asked about bringing in the son of a former Raider he was quick to praise Atkinson.  According to Allen said, “He’s a talented athlete and he’s got a lot of speed, and he has the ability to help us on special teams,” Allen said. “I think any time you have a chance to get a legacy, somebody who has the Raider bloodlines, you do it because those guys understand what it means to be a Raider.”

This is just the beginning to the rookies journey.  Things will only amp up as the team continues to implement its scheme this offseason.  Rookies can look forward to OTA’s approaching soon.  Raiders will run OTA’s May 27-28, May 30, June 2, June 4-5, June 9-12.  The team’s mandatory mini-camp for the entire team is scheduled for June 17-19.   The players will be tested with tons of information in a short period of time.  Although they were just drafted a little over a week ago, their professional careers are already in full swing.  

 Photo: Eric Risberg, Associated Press

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