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Troubles continue for the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are the guaranteed sixth seed in the Western Conference.

It’s good news for a team that needed to fight against all odds. Their latest news on defensive anchor, Andrew Bogut, was too poetic. Bogut could be out for the entire postseason with a broken rib.

Bogut was the Warriors’ only real post threat. Without him, this team will need to rally like it has this entire season.

Currently, they sit at 50-31. It’s a flawed 50 wins because this is a team with too many glaring weaknesses. Since the offseason, the Warriors lost most of their bench scoring and ball-handling with the departure of Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry. They replaced some of their talents with defensive stopper, Andre Iguodala. But, the stunted development of Harrison Barnes and injuries to Iguodala hurt the team.

David Lee‘s injuries and Bogut’s missed games did not help either. The lack of a second option or second ball-handler for the team besides Stephen Curry was obvious. On the surface, the team suffered from stagnant periods of offense and defense with a touch of the injury bug. Deeper, this team suffered from linear play and an over-reliance on two players: Bogut and Curry.

Bogut was relied upon to shut down the paint. He was the big man who blocked, took charges, and deflected cuts to the basket. Curry was the offense. No other team could boast the same efficiency with or without their offensive star. With Curry on the court, the team scored 109.7 points per 100 possessions. Without him, they scored only 93.2 points, worse than Philadelphia’s last-place offensive output. He was the main ball-handler and the biggest offensive threat when the clock was running out.

But, the team overcame most of their issues. The glaring weaknesses of team defense was sheltered by Thompson and Iguodala’s wing play and Bogut’s clogging. The offense hummed to an MVP year from Curry and great supplementary scoring from Lee and Thompson. Injuries were overcome with bench shifts and increased effort.

Perhaps this is a team that can do it again in the playoffs.

Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

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Timothy Lee

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