Kyrie Irving, Josh Gordon get into a twitter beef


It’s been a lost season for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and with a week left in the NBA season, Kyrie Irving apparently decided to hash out his frustrations over twitter.

The MVP of the 2014 All-Star game indirectly took shots at Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon after his appearance on several ESPN interviews and shows on March 27.

Gordon shared his thoughts on the disputes and altercations in the Cavs locker room this season, particularly the relationship between Irving and guard Dion Waiters, on ESPN’s First Take:

“I talked about it with Dion, he’s my neighbor in my building so we hang out all the time. I’m aware of the rift in the locker room. That’s just alpha males and supreme athletes trying to share the spotlight.”

He also supported the idea of trading away either player if the two can’t get along anytime soon. 

Irving, however, took offense and thought that Gordon should stick to his own sport:

“Guys like Josh Gordon need to stay in his sport and mind his own business. Does he still play for the Browns? I’ll continue to root for the Browns, but in terms of this stuff here, what goes on in this locker room, he needs to stay out of it.”

In what was thought by many to be a turnaround season for the Cavs, Irving’s attitude and commitment to the team has been questioned throughout the season, while teammates have called out Waiters for “maturity” issues.







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