Seahawks Michael Bennett nearly joined his brother with the Bears

Before Michael Bennett decided to re-sign with the Seattle Seahawks, all signs were pointing to him joining his brother, Martellus Bennett, in Chicago, according to Pro Football Talk. Martellus had shown his enthusiasm for playing with his brother, but Michael eventually had to break the hard news to his brother that he would be staying with the team he loves in Seattle.

“It was so hard to tell my brother that I was going to re-sign in Seattle,” Michael said. In the end, Martellus understood that Michael could not pass up the opportunity to stay with the Seahawks and build on the recent success of the team.

Bennett reportedly left money on the table by passing up the Bears’ offer to stay in Seattle with the defending league champions. Bennett signed four-year, $28.5 million contract with Seattle, and became the first Seahawk to take less money to stay with the team.

Bennett’s $7.125 million yearly average is also less than the $8.5 million yearly average given to Everson Griffen by the Minnesota Vikings. If the Seahawks can come away with more of these contract bargains, they will be in good position to continue their success.

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Matthew Fitzgerald

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