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Warriors’ Steve Blake on Kobe Bryant: ‘One of the best teammates I ever had’

When Golden State Warriors guard Steve Blake was asked about former teammate Kobe Bryant‘s words, he had nothing but good things to say in return.


“Kobe and I had a great friendship while I was there,” Blake said. “He’s one of the best teammates I ever had. So I’m definitely going to miss him. I appreciate his support throughout the years. I can’t lie; I’ll definitely miss him.”

Blake, who had been with the Lakers since the 2010-11 season, scored three points in just under 18 minutes in his Golden State debut. While battling injuries this year, he had averaged 9.5 points in 27 games with the Lakers.

Bryant was not pleased about the Los Angeles Lakers’ decision to trade guard Blake. Bryant took to Twitter to voice his displeasure on the Lakers’ sole move before the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20. 

 Bryant and Blake share a similar competitive drive that Bryant respects. For the superstar, it’s rare to find a player who has the same competitive nature that drove him to be a five-time NBA champion. The fact that Bryant has on numerous occasions pointed out Blake’s competitive nature speaks volumes of the type of player the Warriors are getting. 

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