Los Angeles Lakers, it’s time to talk

This is unknown territory for the majority of fans in “Laker Nation.” Never has there been a situation for the successful organization to actually punt a season instead of selling tickets. But, here, in the 2013-14 season, the Los Angeles Lakers need to finish this season on a sad note. The amount of uncertainty around this franchise is around nuclear waste levels. A small checklist for the concerned fan:

  • Kobe Bryant‘s injury and longevity as a pro basketball player.
  • Kobe Bryant’s contract.
  • The lack of star power and healthy bodies in the a Laker uniform.
  • The lack of youth to build around for the future.

Those concerns are for the future of the franchise. For the present-day season, fans must sit through both injuries to their starting rotation and the growing unpopularity of head coach Mike D’Antoni. The injuries, especially, are frustrating. From Jodie Meeksankle turn, Pau Gasol’s flexible timetable, Bryant’s changing estimated return, and Steve Nash‘s missed games, it’s been a waste of time and money for Lakers’ fans. Even the best story, point guard Kendall Marshall, is being wasted on the bench behind Nash. In order for fans to believe again, they must sacrifice and that should begin in this season.

It would be hard-pressed for the Lakers to compete, so why not just scrap that idea before it gets too painful? Let the young guns get as much burn as possible with the veterans playing 15-20 minutes per game to remember the game of basketball and prepare for the 2014 NBA draft. This isn’t a revolutionary idea, it’s just unfamiliar for a team surrounded by so many retired numbers, championships, and allure.

The Lakers need to cut the fans some slack and brace for the franchise’s biggest overhaul yet. It will take plenty of luck (but then again, they found Marshall out of the D League) and patience. This is a magical franchise and it shouldn’t be too long for Laker fans to believe again.  


Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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Timothy Lee

Timothy Lee is a sports and video game journalist born and raised in Southern California. He is great at finding the important detail in the mundane and ordinary. He has published articles for Riot Games,,,, and SBNation.


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