Pro Bowl 2014: Chargers Philip Rivers and Weddle to square off

San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers and safety Eric Weddle will both be on the field Sunday at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu for the 2014 Pro Bowl. They won’t be on the field at different times as usually, however. They will be on the same field, at the same time.

Rivers and Weddle have played for the Chargers together since Weddle was drafted by the team in 2007. Being career long teammates, the two have never been on the field on gameday at the same time.

That will all change Sunday as Rivers will be in neon orange, playing for Team Rice, and Weddle will be in neon green, playing for Team Sanders.

In an effort to revamp the Pro Bowl, the NFL has mixed things up for this year’s game. The game will not put the top AFC and NFC players against one another like in past years. For the first time since the Pro Bowl began in 1970, the game will be un-conferenced.

In the new format, players were drafted onto teams this week. At the helm of each team are former players Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice. And on Wednesday night in the first ever Pro Bowl Draft, Team Sanders drafted Weddle, and Team Rice drafted Rivers.

And so for the first time ever on gameday, the two close teammates and friends will square off against one another. The two have done it many times before in training camp and practice, but never in a game situation.

The game should be interesting to say the least. It’s not just Rivers and Weddle who are the only teammates who will now be in different uniforms come gameday.

To see if Rivers throws a touchdown pass by Weddle, or Weddle picks it off, tune in for the game at 4 p.m. Pacific time.

Photo Credit: Diego Chargers

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Olivia Hops

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