Puig vs. Trout

Yasiel Puig took the baseball world by storm this past baseball season.  Mike Trout has been the best all around player the past two seasons.  The future looks bright in Los Angeles for years to come.  But which player will make the biggest impact?

Both Puig and Trout are rare talents by the way they play the game.  They both cover a lot of ground in the outfield and cause problems for opposing pitchers at the plate.  Puig and Trout would be regarded as five tool players but each is unique in his own right.  

Puig came on the scene for the Los Angeles Dodgers this past season and was a big reason for the Dodgers turn around in June which lead to a National League West Division title.  Puig had a .319 average with 19 home runs and 42 RBI’s with just 382 at bats.  

There were a lot of bright spots for Puig but at the same time controversy seemed to surround him.  Whether it was a lack of interest in hustling for a ball in the outfield or being too aggressive on the bases, manager Don Mattingly consistently had to discipline his young star player.  And Puig has found himself in more trouble with getting arrested for speeding this past week, which is his second arrest in one year.  

The Los Angeles Angels found a gem in Trout.  He has exceeded all expectations by being the runner up to the most valuable player for the American League the past two seasons.  He is only 21 years old and he is setting baseball records every time he steps on the field.  Trout impacts the game with his glove and bat but it is he unique ability to change the game with his legs and power that sets him apart from others in the game.

Over the past two years Trout is batting .324 and has averaged 28 home runs, 90 RBI’s,  119 runs scored and 41 stolen bases.  These numbers are phenomenal for any player but for Trout to be doing this at his age is rare.  

As previously stated Puig has had his issues off the field but what makes Trout even better is the fact that he keeps to himself and has not had any off the field issues.  Trout is the complete opposite of Puig but that is what makes this comparison fun.  

The image of Trout could change soon.  There are discussions about when Trout will be paid or receive his first big contract from the Angels.  Experts are saying that Trout could possibly be the first $400 million dollar player.  If he is to receive that kind of money or something close to it, could this change Trout?  

Puig was given a 7 year and $42 million contract to play for the Dodgers.  Don’t be fooled to think that the money doesn’t have something to do with his attitude on and off the diamond.  

Puig and Trout are great players but most experts would go with Trout.  Who do you pick?


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Robert Ekberg

Rob hails from Southern California and has an MBA and a healthy thirst for analytics. He possesses an undying passion for West Coast sports and is the resident guru on all things MLB. Follow him on Twitter @Robek24.


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