49ers LB Ahmad Brooks will appeal fine, won’t take Ray Lewis’ money

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks will appeal the $15,750 fine he received from the NFL for his illegal hit against New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Breesaccording to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

The seven-year veteran also won’t accept any money from ESPN NFL analyst Ray Lewis, who offered to pay half the fine as a sign of solidarity among NFL players past and present and protest against what he deemed an unfair assessment. The NFL has been unwavering in its quest to protect signal-callers, and though the hit was borderline, it’s easy to see why it was deemed illegal. 

Brooks may not have a choice in the matter, however. Lewis was defiant on allowing Brooks to spurn his offer when he spoke to ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Wednesday

“I will see Ahmad on Monday and I will have a check in hand for half of the fine.”

It may turn out to be a fruitless endeavor on Lewis’ part since the NFL has specific rules which prohibit players from accepting money to pay their fines. Policing such a regulation, though, will prove difficult since it would be nearly impossible for the league to monitor the situation closely enough to prove any formal exchange of funds took place.

Given the high-profile nature of the incident and subsequent coverage, it’s hard to imagine that Lewis or anyone else will actually go through with paying Brooks.

It’s a situation worth monitoring at the very least. 

Photo Credit: Jeff Curry/USA TODAY Sports

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