Lamar Odom meets with Clippers for second chance

The Los Angeles Clippers currently sit atop the Pacific West Division with a 6-3 record.  The Clippers have one more roster spot available and it’s available for Lamar Odom.  Is Odom the missing piece to the puzzle?

Odom is looking to resurrect his NBA career after a difficult three months of off court issues.  There have been reports that he and wife Khloe Kardashian have been on the rocks.  It is rumored that he had an affair and has battled issues with drugs and alcohol.  Odom was arrested in August for a DUI but he has worked hard the past month to turn his life around and get in basketball shape.

Prior to Odom’s arrest in August, the Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers were interested in his services.  With him making the changes he has, it appears that the Clippers and Lakers will be a landing spot for Odom.  

The Clippers met with Odom on Friday for about two hours.  The discussions went good but no decision was made.  

In Wednesday nights victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder the Clippers showed grit and toughness.  Matt Barnes and Serge Ibaka were ejected from the game after Ibaka gave Blake Griffin a shove in the 2nd quarter.  

The Clippers fight has been questioned in the past but head coach, Doc Rivers has changed that.  

If the Clippers sign Odom, this would mark his third stint with the team that drafted him.   Maybe the third time is the charm.  Odom has championship experience with this days with the Lakers.  But he lacks toughness and is more of a finesse type of player.  

Considering Barnes has taken on the role of enforcer on the court, Odom might be the right fit for the Clippers.  

Over the next couple of weeks, look for Odom to meet with the Lakers and to finalize a deal with one of the LA teams.  Drama surrounds Odom but no matter whether  its the Clippers or Lakers, he will be right at home since he lives in LA and has played for both organizations.  

The biggest question will be, can Odom turn his life around and finish his career on a high note? 


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Robert Ekberg

Rob hails from Southern California and has an MBA and a healthy thirst for analytics. He possesses an undying passion for West Coast sports and is the resident guru on all things MLB. Follow him on Twitter @Robek24.


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